July 30, 2011

we made it!

12 hours of traveling on wednesday and 3 more on thursday morning, and we finally pulled into wheaton! it's even cuter than i remembered.

this was my view for 15ish hours. i'm just glad i wasn't the one driving the uhaul with no cruise control. poor james. thankfully the uhaul got a wopping 8 miles to the gallon :)

we got to cross over the MS river twice in one day. once james almost got run into the river by a huge 18 wheeler. it was a bit scary for both of us.

and then we were finally in illinois. only 350 more miles to wheaton...

in all our moving and driving, i've become a huge fan of gas stations that have sonic ice. it got me through the last couple hours on wednesday.

fyi - don't drive from ms to illinois for the scenery. i'll save you the time - this is it between mississippi, tennessee, arkansas, missouri, and illinois. pretty farmland, but not too entertaining.

and then we were finally here. the kents flew up to help us move in and this is what our apt looks like now. off to unpack more boxes.

July 24, 2011

happy day

July 22, 2011

note to self

i love love this room


July 18, 2011


what's better than celebrating a birthday?
how about celebrating for 4 days
so fun

day 1. car filled with balloons from james

and transformers in 3d with gracie and james

day 2. amazing italian with my fam

day 3. steaks on the big green egg

and birthday cake, picked out by james

day 4. pizza and ice cream with sweet friends

i've got a feeling 27 is going to be a good year.

July 17, 2011

happy day

July 7, 2011

the beach

i love, love the beach


and am already missing it.

July 3, 2011


i can't believe we've been home for a month! it's been awesome getting to hang out with family and friends and soak up this time before heading to chicago at the end of july.

it's been especially fun hanging out with this cutie

a couple weeks ago we headed back to chattanooga for kirk and cole's sweet wedding

and had a blast hanging out with joy and jason for the weekend. when we lived in chattanooga, joy fed us at least once a week. seriously. so now we're just adding more to our tab. it's ok with me 'cause that means we'll just have to keep going back to try to make it up to them.

slow down, summer!

avandia recall