December 28, 2012

10 months

ten months! 
this month was filled with lots more crawling and lots more pulling up,
lots of exploring the apartment,
lots of eating anything you give him,
lots of smiles and laughing,
but definitely more staring and taking everything in 
(which can get a little awkward when he's staring down the people in 
line behind us at the grocery store)
a little clingy stage and 2 calls from the church nursery to pick up early
first christmas
first ear infections 
second trip to mississippi
second hair trim
and lots and lots of fun

December 25, 2012

merry christmas!

having a baby this christmas has made me think of the very first christmas in a different way - 

mary laying her teeny newborn baby in a manger (hello germs)
cuddling and kissing on the Savior of the world 
no perfectly decorated and disinfected nursery but a stable - with stinky animals
(and we're not even talking about her riding on a donkey for days at 9 months+ pregnant...)

i'm so thankful for that baby that started christmas so long ago. 

"For unto you is born his day, in the city of David, a Savior which is Christ the Lord" Luke 2:11

babies make christmas amazing
Merry Christmas!

December 10, 2012

from the iphone lately

a whole lot of not-too-interesting has been going on here lately so here's a little recap...

the day before thanksgiving, we took a trip into the city and went on a architecture boat tour that i had gotten off groupon. it was pretty interesting and a good not-too-cold day. lots of fun.

covington is into everything. at least the pots and pans can entertain while i cook.

i went to a pinterest party with some girls in james' program and it was so much fun. there were 5 people and we each brought a craft. lesson learned - 2 people should probably team up to bring a crafts. after a late night, we ended up taking the last craft supplies home. it was soo much fun and we got to leave with lots of christmas decor! win win!

while i get ready, covington cheese's it up in the mirror. it's really funny to watch.

this makes me glad we don't have stairs! one of the families that we babysit for has stairs, and he went straight for them every time he got down this week. hoping the newness wears off soon...

he also loooves the dishwasher!

although he's not much of a helper - i put it in, he takes it out :)

side note - we don't always leave our kid running around in his diaper, but he has perfected the twist and scream while getting dressed lately. james said he's like dressing a rhinoceros. also hoping this passes quickly...

my dad came for a visit this weekend! so glad he think that 6 hours is close enough to swing by for a visit :)

covington was loving his hat

i might had drug covington and my dad to ikea on saturday morning and then my dad spent the rest of his trip putting together shelves for me - it was like a gift to me and james since james got off building duty :)
it was a great weekend!

also - i got bangs :) why not??

avandia recall