May 31, 2012

three months and five years

on sunday, covington turned 3 months! tons of people told us to just hang on until 3 months and they were so right - we're having so much fun these days! covington is an interesting mix between totally chilled and really smiley. he's so alert and can focus on things so much farther away now. he loves james and will giggle and smile so big at him! he loves his little play mat and will lay there looking at the lights and hitting the rattles forever. we've started putting him in the bumbo for a few minutes at a time and he's so cute sitting there - until his head gets heavy and he gets all smushed down in it. he loves music, although we don't really give him much of a choice about that. of the best parts...he's sleeping through the night! he goes to sleep after we feed him at 8:30 and wakes up about 8:15. the first time it happened, i about had a heart attack. but it's oh so good. i'm loving it all!

on saturday we celebrated out 5 year anniversary! it's been an amazing 5 years plus 4 years before that with james. the night before covington was born - or really just a few hours before my water broke - i had a bit of a melt down, worrying that a baby was going to mess us up somehow. i love being married. i love our crazy adventures. will we still get to drive 30 minutes looking for homemade donuts or go bike riding or stay up way too late watching movies? will having a baby immediately make us turn old and not fun? james kept assuring me that a baby would only make us better and, 3 months later, i can say he was so right. covington made us a family. seeing james as a dad is so fun and such a joy.

five years ago i never would have believed you if you told me where we would be today. but things just keep getting better and better.

May 20, 2012

last week i opened one of the (many) emails on covington's development i get each week and it said

'your baby is no longer a newborn'


obviously a woman did not write that. 

it's not like i'm already struggling with how fast this is all going

not a newborn anymore?
it's still feeling all quite new to me

but it's really wonderful and amazing and way better than i'd ever imagined. i still look at him and think - he's really real! i get to keep him! i'm going to wake up tomorrow and still get to hold him and kiss him and cuddle him.

oh how i love it all.

May 4, 2012


i could kiss those cheeks all day.
made it through my first week back at work and very thankful summer is just 3 more weeks away.
happy friday!!

May 1, 2012

a quick before & after

before: a poopy brown wall sandwiched between the kitchen and bookshelves
after: a couple coats of chalkboard paint and 30 minutes later
hoping the landlord doesn't mind...

avandia recall