February 18, 2012

hey mrs kent

'hey mrs kent...'

(in a very quiet, don't-freak-out-but...whisper voice from one of my sweetest little girls)

'there is something sticking out of your belly and i think it might be your baby's foot'

me - actually, i think that's just my belly button

girl - hmmmm....

it's really cute now when they tell me how huge my belly is, but i'm really hoping it doesn't continue after i come back from maternity leave :)
with 3 weeks left, i'm washing sweet little baby clothes today and trying to believe this is actually going to happen!

in other baby news...i'm an aunt again! here's my brother and his sweet little boy hayze - a valentine's baby. so excited they'll get to grow up together!

February 12, 2012

36 weeks

4 weeks to go!
absolutely crazy.

i can't believe we've got less than a month to go and i'm so thankful to still be feeling pretty great!

huge but good :)

now we're definitely starting to see a sock line at the end of the day from some ankle swelling and my wedding band is a bit too snug these days (though now i'm really glad i kept forgetting to get my engagement ring re-sized because it's just perfect now).
i'm really praying he'll be late so i can work for the next 4 weeks - people say i'll be changing my mind in a couple weeks, but the longer i work now means the less i'll have to go back in may before summer break (do you hear that, baby c?? take. your. time.)

things are starting to come together - we've officially graduated from birthing class and our little nursery is almost done. i'm in some serious nesting mode, like clean-out-every-drawer nesting. unfortunately we just moved, so things haven't really gotten that unorganized, but that doesn't keep me from trying.

so 4 more weeks...that's 4 more saturdays to sleep in for the next like 20 years. at that thought, i think i'm going to take a nap :)

February 10, 2012

lampshade makeover...success or failure?

do you ever have those projects that you're just not sure about?
that's what this little lampshade makeover is.

we had a big, white drumshade right next to all the bright, colorful pillows in the baby room and it just wasn't working. i had a pot of orange dye going to dye some clothespins and decided to try out {this little tutorial} on dying a lampshade. this shade is actually cracked on the back because i'm horrible at moving shades apparently and i've been meaning to get a new one so i figured that dying it couldn't mess it up.

(coincidentally, i left the clothespins in for too long because i got distracted and they turned a pinky-red instead of orange, so it was more like 2 fails. but i'm totally using them still...)

nothing too technical. i just painted it on with a paintbrush and gave it about 3 coats. in the end, it's a bit streaky and i can't decide if it's one of those "oooh-hand-dyed-in-india" looks or a "homemade-dyed-in-the-kitchen" feel :)

either way, it's staying for now and i crossed one more thing off the to-do list (but i am keeping an eye out for something else, just in case)

and how cute is that little giraffe?? thanks to the sis-in-laws, i've got quite the chic animal collection. love.

February 4, 2012

a martha bookshelf knock-off {aka my hubby is awesome}

while we were home over christmas, i text james this picture of a martha stewart bookshelf that i loved

and this is what he made me.
no plans. no tutorials. just a cell phone picture. he is awesome.

i so love it.

and while we're on the topic, he made 2 A- and 2 A's in the first semester of his doctoral program. i'm quite proud.

AND he spent his 29th birthday last week eating hamburgers at the hospital cafeteria and going to birthing class.
and didn't complain at all.

he's definitely a keeper.

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