April 27, 2012

2 months

i cannot believe it's been 2 months. it's been absolutely amazing. 
at 2 months, covington is weighing in at 11.7 pounds and finally catching up at the 36 percentile. woohoo! he grew almost an inch and a half in the last month and is at 22 3/4 inches. i can't resist those cheeks that just popped out and he can sport that double chin with the best of them. after letting out an extremely high scream, he took his shots like a champ and is now sleeping them off with a super long nap.

and because i just couldn't resist:

 'hey guys - i think this is my hand'
'check it out - it freaks my mom out when i stare at my nose'
and lastly,
'ya'll are not as funny or entertaining as you think you are...'

April 24, 2012

who does he look like?

i won't lie - i'm not good at that question. while we were home at christmas, i grabbed some of our baby pictures so we could compare baby to baby. at first we weren't real sure who he looked like

 then i found this picture of james with his sweet grandparents:

good gracious. it's almost scary how much they look alike. james says that you can see some of my eyes in him, but he's mostly all james. and i'm ok with that. i kinda think james is pretty cute.

April 22, 2012

i is for iguana

so we have a little obsession with the iguana

my mom gave me an eric carle ABC book which i tore up and hung above the changing table with some dyed clothespins  (thanks mom!)

apparently covington approves because he stares intently at them every time i change his diaper. he was actually staring at the vulture on the v, but that kinda freaked me out so i moved him down to the iguana. sometimes when he's all fussy we go hang out on the changing table just for some fun. that's where we are now actually and the iguana is getting much bigger grins than i've gotten all day...

 oh well, at least he's smiling

April 18, 2012

just some pictures

good gracious - i uploaded these pictures a couple weeks ago (and never got around to actually posting them) and i feel like he's grown a ton since then! it's all going way to fast! which would be why i'm cuddling him while he sleeps and typing one handed right now :)

April 15, 2012

on being pregnant

i know, i'm quite the bad blogger.
i've been a bit obsessed with this sweet little baby and just want to hold him and stare at him and soak up every minute, all the time and it's a bit hard to type one handed. besides that, our days are pretty much the same - eat, sleep, and poop - and just how many times do you want to read about that?? i didn't think so. don't get me wrong - i'm loving every minute but there's just not much to write about.

so instead i'll write about being pregnant. in short, i loved it. it's amazing how quickly the memories of heart burn and backaches disappear. i am so very thankful that i had the opportunity to experience it. and wow - what a miracle.

things i miss about being pregnant:

  • all the little kicks -they really are absolutely amazing
  • people always stopping their cars to let me walk across the street
  • all the cute things my kindergartners would tell me about babies
  • not worrying about sucking in my belly
  • eating and not really worrying about where it's going
  • knowing covington's all safe and secure and content in there
  • not worrying about if my jeans will button - i love some elastic waists
  • getting email updates on covington's growth. it was so fun to see how big he was each week and what all was going on.
  • people stopping me just to tell me how great kids are - several guys stopped me on trips to home depot just to tell me how great it's going to be. my favorite was the man with an irish accent who had 6 kids and told me it only gets easier after the third.

things i won't miss:
  • heartburn - although i'll attest to the old wives tale that lots of heartburn = lots of hair
  • waking up james while trying to roll over in bed - seriously, it was not unlike a whale flopping over - i could create some waves
  • not being able to turn around in the car. or bend over.
  • backaches - emily's rice pad was a life saver. amazing.
  • easy gag reflex. although it was always entertaining for james to watch me try to take my vitamins. you never knew what would happen. or where the vitamins would end up :)
and the best thing about not being pregnant:

actually cuddling this little guy all day long.
oh how i love him.


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