April 27, 2012

2 months

i cannot believe it's been 2 months. it's been absolutely amazing. 
at 2 months, covington is weighing in at 11.7 pounds and finally catching up at the 36 percentile. woohoo! he grew almost an inch and a half in the last month and is at 22 3/4 inches. i can't resist those cheeks that just popped out and he can sport that double chin with the best of them. after letting out an extremely high scream, he took his shots like a champ and is now sleeping them off with a super long nap.

and because i just couldn't resist:

 'hey guys - i think this is my hand'
'check it out - it freaks my mom out when i stare at my nose'
and lastly,
'ya'll are not as funny or entertaining as you think you are...'

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