October 26, 2013

catch up

so here goes a quick 6 months of catch up:

we're having another sweet baby boy!

we were really hoping to have these first babies about 2 years apart, so we're feeling really blessed that we're due in the middle of february, 2 weeks before covington's second birthday. i'm amazed at how much more excited / less anxious i am this time. instead of worrying about when/where/how everything will happen, all i can imagine is packing up that new tiny baby in the car seat and bringing him home. i can't wait. 

i might have screamed a little when we found out it was a boy because i was so surprised and excited. two little boys running around! i can't wait!!

with cousins' birthdays on the 9th and 14th and covington's on the 27th, we might even get to share a birthday! one thing's for sure - after covington surprised us 2 weeks early, i'll be adequately prepared earlier this time, just in case, because trying to clean our apartment at 4 am while packing a hospital bag and eating cookies left over from a shower because that's the only thing we have to eat in our whole apartment are funny memories now, but i'd rather not repeat them.  

covington is the just the best thing ever. nobody told me just how fun kids are! he's almost 20 months and in to everything. he babbles all the time and sings with a few words thrown in there. from our apartment, we can hear the train go by about 10 times a day and he has the cutest little 'chuggachuggachugga tchoo tchoo.' we love to walk to the playground or the library a couple blocks away and he gets so excited when we get the stroller out that he yells. with the countdown to the new baby, i'm especially cherishing these sweet days.

james has about 18 months of school left at wheaton before we move for his year long internship that could be anywhere. i can't believe how fast these past 2 years have gone by and know these next 2 will do the same, especially with a new baby soon. of course, i'm not the one putting in all the school/work/study hours, so i'm not sure james would agree :) it's been amazing to watch james find his passion here and to see how the Lord has stretched and grown him. now with a super important oral exam right around the same time as the baby is due + dissertation stuff + class + internship, the next 18 months will be the hardest by far, but james is really good about taking things one day at a time and trusting that God will continue to sustain, just like he always has.

some days i look around and am just amazed at how God has blessed us. all i've ever wanted to be is a wife and momma and that's what i'm getting to do. there's also the days that covington has a full blown, 10 minute+ meltdown in kinkos while i'm trying to figure out how to send a fax and everyone in the store avoids eye contact with me, but the truth is, i'm still living my dream. thank you, Jesus 

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