February 10, 2012

lampshade makeover...success or failure?

do you ever have those projects that you're just not sure about?
that's what this little lampshade makeover is.

we had a big, white drumshade right next to all the bright, colorful pillows in the baby room and it just wasn't working. i had a pot of orange dye going to dye some clothespins and decided to try out {this little tutorial} on dying a lampshade. this shade is actually cracked on the back because i'm horrible at moving shades apparently and i've been meaning to get a new one so i figured that dying it couldn't mess it up.

(coincidentally, i left the clothespins in for too long because i got distracted and they turned a pinky-red instead of orange, so it was more like 2 fails. but i'm totally using them still...)

nothing too technical. i just painted it on with a paintbrush and gave it about 3 coats. in the end, it's a bit streaky and i can't decide if it's one of those "oooh-hand-dyed-in-india" looks or a "homemade-dyed-in-the-kitchen" feel :)

either way, it's staying for now and i crossed one more thing off the to-do list (but i am keeping an eye out for something else, just in case)

and how cute is that little giraffe?? thanks to the sis-in-laws, i've got quite the chic animal collection. love.

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