July 4, 2012

4 months

 i know i say it every month, but i can't believe it's already been 4 months! it's been so amazing.

in actuality, this is what our little photo shoot looked like this month - totally chilled but no smiling. even james could barely get him to crack a smile, which is rare. he's quite the observer at times. 

at 4 months, covington is weighing in at 13.9 pounds, which is kinda little at only the 16th percentile, but i've been told not to worry - he's obviously not starving. he's in the 72nd for height, so we've told him to enjoy being tall and thin for as long as it lasts; it's obviously not in his genes :) he's sleeping for 12 hours at night, 1 hour in the morning, and 1-2 in the afternoon and is generally happy during the day, until he hits 7:00. he definitely likes you to stand up and hold him facing out so he can observe all that's going on. we think he's a people-person because he seems to be pretty happy and entertained when we're hanging out with lots of people. he's started making this funny little sighing sound after he yawns which totally makes him sound like an old man. he's rolling over from back to belly and loves sleeping on his belly while sucking his fingers. if he could get his whole fist in his mouth, he would. james can get him to belly laugh and it is so fun to watch. i'm definitely loving this stage!


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Beth Ellard said...

Umm, how do you get him to sleep 12 hours at night? What time to you put him down for bedtime? Just wondering because it doesn't seem to matter what time we put Katelyn down for bed, she always waked up around 6am! If she would just sleep one more hour!! She is six months old and usually sleeps around 10 hours at night. Covington is adorable!


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