September 29, 2012

7 months

our sweet little guy turned 7 months this week. i'm just trying to soak in this sweet time because he'll be running around before we know it.

this month, covington started sitting up all by himself and he loves being able to see the world from this whole new perspective. while he used to like his crinkle toys best, he's moved on to anything that rattles right now. he also loves chasing balls. he still rolls around to get to things but we think he'll be scooting or crawling any day now. he also has 2 teeth that *i think* will come in any day. i never knew teething took so long! i've checked every morning for the last 3 weeks thinking they were going to pop through! he babbles a lot, unless we turn on the video camera, of course, and he thinks yelling is pretty funny. james can still get him to giggle the most and it's the best sound ever. he also loves it when james plays the guitar. he's still pretty laid back and definitely likes getting out to see other people. 

we went to the doctor this morning for a weight check and he's up to a wopping 16.5 pounds, joining the 15%! since starting food last month, he's a great little eater. even when he doesn't really like something, he'll try to smile through it -it's really sweet. so far the favorites are butternut squash, sweet potato, and avocado. 

i can't believe how much he's changed in the last couple months. this is such a fun stage!

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