October 19, 2012

the baby room

true story -

last october we finally found out we were having a boy and after months of looking and planning and pinterest-ing, i was more than ready to start on the baby room. so i told james we should probably paint soon since we had lots of friends coming to visit in the next months and i was looking on craigslist for a daybed and i'd found the greatest fabrics and we should head to ikea soon, of course, and on and on and he said

- brace yourself -

"isn't it a little early?"

a little early??? there was going to be a tiny human coming to live with us forever in 20 short weeks and there was no way he would be able to survive in a room without matching pillows and a painted rug and framed pictures! not to mention i was only getting bigger by the day which made things like crawling around on the floor measuring for bed skirts or climbing up ladders to hang curtains or even just breathing a bit more difficult.

no fear - the next day he came back and said, "so i was talking to my mom and she said you're NESTING! i should really get a book about how to do this whole husband during pregnancy thing. you want to paint this weekend?"  totally redeemed :)

(as it turns out, babies caaan survive in rooms without curtains - since someone showed up 2 weeks early, the plain roller blinds were still bare for a whole 3 weeks of his life - oh the horror)

so here's our little room. i wish i was a better photographer but oh well. i had so much fun planning and sewing and crafting for it. we obviously like a little color and pattern around here. i just love being in there!

 teeny covington about 8 weeks old

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Some Bryant Happiness! said...

Oh please can you come and help me with our baby room?????? I think I found bedding that I like for a boy at target- no clue for a girl- but lots of patterns and polka dots and stripes....totally like Jessica kent!!!!


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