December 30, 2010

christmas crafts 2

so now that all the christmas presents have been opened, i can't wait to show you some of the things i made this year!

i always kinda feel odd about giving things i made - i'm nervous people just think i'm cheap and made something instead of actually buying something... hopefully that's not what came across...

so i've been kinda obsessed with fabric flowers this year. there's a million tutorials for these online and i kinda combined a few. i made headbands, necklaces, and pins. i think they're just fun added to an outfit

i made my mom a little scrapbook. i looove scrapbooking and used to dream about opening up my own store...
anyway, scrapbooks are always so huge and fat so i took some cardboard, covered it in scrapbook paper with spray adhesive, and used those little office rings. this way it's skinny and easily stored aaand i can easily add to it!

these are cute little owls made from this tutorial for some cute little babies in my fam. they were actually really easy to sew and i love the bright colors!

i love big fun rings! these were made out of mini rolled flowers (told you i was obsessed) and buttons

and here's some simple frames that james helped me make out 2x4's and those little plastic, magnetic frames from walmart


Emily said...

Your owls turned out so great! So many fun things on your blog!

abby said...

Ok. I am friends with Little Miss Crafty Kathy! I love all of your stuff. =)


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