December 16, 2010

Magic School Bus, Native American Style

It's that time again at Normal Park!
Time for our Native American exhibit!

a little background - for the last 9 weeks, our module topic has been Native Americans. We learned all about the 5 regions of Native Americans and as you walk through our halls, you're walking through the Woodlands, Plains, North West, Southwest, and Far North. The walls are lined with art, houses, artifacts, labels of what the kiddos have learned, and a story about the Native Americans, based on The Magic School Bus books, that our amazing 2nd graders wrote. There are also huge pictures printed out of each kid giving their most inquisitive looks with their "i wonder..." speech bubbles above them- too cute. They've worked on all these projects in our class, science, art, and even music. I can't take credit for any of this creativity - the girls I work with are amazing.

anyway, get ready for some picture overload...

Sadly, the ice has cancelled the exhibit for tonight and we had to move it 'till after the holidays...
Next 9 weeks, we're starting Oceans!!

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