May 21, 2011

little happies

it totally stinks to only teach somewhere for a year because in a couple years, i'm going to be that teacher that taught 2nd grade but nobody quite remembers my name. while i remember all my teacher's names, james doesn't remember a lot of his, so i know it happens. well, in cleaning out my fabric for the move and trying to bribe my kids into remembering my name, i made them some little happies for the end of the year - easy-peasy headbands for the girls and cute little bowties for the boys

how cute are my models?!

maxwell - the reason i want to name a kid max. too stinkin cute.

i used { the pleated poppys } no sew bowtie tutorial and it was super easy - all you need is an iron and glue gun

this one is my favorite. little boys look too cute in bowties!
i have so loved teaching 2nd grade this year. my class is really precious and i'll be so sad to say goodbye on monday!

avandia recall