May 24, 2011

dinosaurs and beyond

so our 4th nine weeks exhibit is up and ready! we've been learning all about dinosaurs and beyond, soooo

welcome to our paleontology dig!

here's our dig sites all set up. we really did get to go dig for fossils this year, behind waffle house, no less. it was quite exciting.

our dinosaur timeline and the different landscapes with each. i felt like i was about 2 days ahead of the kids on learning these :)

travel journals! here's where we recorded all that we learned about dinosaurs

cave drawings

and brochures to inform people all about our human footprint and how to save the planet

in spanish, our 2nd graders have been writing comic strips in spanish! so impressive!

aren't these flowers pretty?! love the creativity here

even through the craziness and rush and work, i've really enjoyed our exhibits each nine weeks. it's so fun to see how excited and proud the kids are of their work and how much they love to show it off. i'm going to miss these second graders!

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