June 1, 2011

and we're back

We've officially moved back to MS for the summer! I only cried for about 30 miles while leaving chattanooga and we're excited to spend lots of time with sweet family and friends before making the long treck to chicagoland at the end of july.
Yay for summer!

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Some Bryant Happiness! said...

Did you get your shelves- the corner ones- at IKEA- if so how much? I love them!

I will pick up a copy of the mortal...whatever you are reading now- looked it up and sounds fun to read! We leave on Tues to go camping. Sad we will miss you!!! Talked to Maryn about scheduling soccer when I get back so all of that money will go to Chicago fund! YAY!

We are having a yard sale on Sat. Sad you can't come help me. I completely PURGED my attic. Feels so good to sell so much for really really cheap. I want to hear how home is going soon! miss you.


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