June 20, 2011

rock city

if you drive anywhere remotely close to chattanooga, you'll start seeing the big red signs that say 'see rock city.' it's one of the biggest tourist attractions in chattanooga. i had never been but when we worked at summer camps on lookout mtn in college, james brought his alpine guys to see rock city lots of times, so he wasn't just dying to see it. but he's really sweet and knows how i love experiences, so he insisted that we go see it our last saturday in chattanooga.

even though it's all pretty much man-made and very touristy, we had lots of fun walking through the paths of trees and rocks and squeezing through spots like these

at the top, there's a great view and a pretty waterfall

he's not really stuck :)

check out this cool swing that's a whole tree carved out

there was also a great little bluegrass band at the top

rock city's claim to fame is that you can see 7 states from the top. you might need to squint a little to those 120 miles

the rope bridge was my favorite part. i loooove heights. we waited until nobody else was on it and james jumped up and down to make it swing a lot while i hung on for dear life. oh how i love a thrill

overall, it was a great experience and now i can say i've seen it

of course, we couldn't leave without proof with the famous 'see rock city' birdhouses

and now our sightseeing is complete

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