June 1, 2011

one last look

so i should say, i moved so much stuff out of these pictures that james said it's not really a good representation of how we actually lived but, come on, when you live in 500 sq feet, there's just gonna be a miter saw hanging out in the living room with a bike or 2. we really loved our little apartment and have great memories of chattanooga!


Some Bryant Happiness! said...

UGH. You can't post these! I am so sad you are gone! Saving for a chicago trip though!!!!!!

Beth Ellard said...

Hi Jessica!
I found your blog on Lauren Brown's blog and have just loved reading about your life adventure. I love your little apartment in TN and know you will miss it. It's exciting to see how God is revealing His plan and providing for you and James. We miss you guys!! Take care - Beth Ellard


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