June 17, 2011

the aquarium

last summer before we moved to chattanooga, our awesome h'burg friends gave us gift certificates to the aquarium and the imax at this great cowboy themed par-tay

needless to say, but we had a blast using them up. the imax is so awesome. we ended up going to both documentaries out right now - one about surfing some ginormous waves and one about the cutest rescued baby elephants and baby chimpanzees. plus you get to wear these awesome glasses and who doesn't look cool in these.

obviously, we do :)

we asked joy and jason to help us use our aquarium tickets and jayden definitely made the trip lots more fun.

the amount of fish they have is really amazing. and lots of them are so pretty, although we were kinda surprised at how many of them were really ugly.

the penguins were especially cute

and petting the sting rays was fun (but slimy)

the boys kept talking about fishing strategies (how terrible is that! in the aquarium!)

we really had a blast and mostly had the aquarium to ourselves on a weeknight

thanks so much, candice and friends, for such a great gift! we had a blast using it!

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