June 13, 2011

it's official

I'll be teaching kindergarten at harvest christian academy next year!

one of the best things about moving around the last couple years is to see God's perfect plan for us come together. the way the Lord opened doors and moved mountains for us when we moved to chattanooga changed the way that i will trust him for the rest of my life. he is SO worthy of our trust! his plan is so perfect!

once again, this job was a total God-thing.
totally, completely God.
it's so fun to watch him move!
selfishly though, i'm really glad that it all happened in may this year instead of the end of july like last year :)

long story short, we emailed my resume - my totally non-christianese, public school resume - to a family friend's son, whom we have yet to meet, who ended up working at a ginormous church - harvest bible chapel - that has 2 schools. we didn't expect anything and kinda forgot all about it. i got a call from the principal a couple weeks later, asking me to apply! so in just a few days i filled out the application, sent it back, was asked in for an interview the next week, flew up to chicago for the first time, stayed with the superintendent, interviewed, taught centers to a kindergarten class and a rock lesson to 2/3rd graders, toured the schools, went out to eat with the principal and superintendent and their spouses, visited the church, met several families that go to the school, and felt really good about it all.

and then i heard nothing for 3 and a half weeks. ahhhh!

finally i heard that in those 3 weeks, they actually closed the school where i interviewed BUT they still had a kindergarten spot {my very favorite grade} open for me at the other campus!

i kept asking james 'why did they want to interview me? with 13,000 church members who already live in Illinois, why did they want to fly me up to interview? what did they see in just a resume? why did they go to all the trouble with me?' james finally said the obvious - it was just God!

so i'm completely thrilled to be back in kindergarten and excited to teach at a christian school for the first time!

and definitely excited to not be sending out resumes and making awkward phone calls all summer, begging for a job.


Boston & Whitney Little said...

Congrats on the new job!!! I know it can be hard moving, but it sounds like God has an exciting adventure planned for you two:)

Some Bryant Happiness! said...

YAY for Kindergarten!!!!!! Glad that I got to teach with you in 2nd for a year though. Truly worth every minute of my time this past year!

Yes, those 3 weeks were really TOUGH waiting.....like my months of waiting too....but God was holding both of us and teaching us both to look UP. Glad I had a friend to go through that with me. =) Updating my blog today! Check back!

The Gundy Bunch said...

YAY YAY YAY!!!!!! So totally excited for you!!! And at Harvest!!! How cool is that?!!! Will you be teaching Trei and Amy's little girl Madison? I'm pretty sure she will be entering Kindergarten, unless she's one grade ahead of Averie Jane. I want to hear all about it sometime!!!

Lindsey said...

Yay! So happy for you!!! Now you can enjoy your summer :) God is great!


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