June 15, 2011

4 years! {plus 3 weeks}

i was going to post this 3 weeks ago on our actual anniversary but our internet wasn't working and by 'our internet,' i really mean our neighbors which we 'borrowed' so there wasn't actually anything we could do to fix it, so without further ado (adu? adue? spell check is not helping me here...)

when i was in 6th grade, my mom taught the 8th grade sunday school at church and there were the 2 cutest boys in her class. every sunday after my class was out, i would race to her room to sit casually outside, waiting on them to get out. one of the boys was way too cool and ignored me, but the other boy (the cuter one) would give me the "i'm-a-cool-8th-grader-but-i'll-still-notice-6th-graders" head nod and even an occasional wave.

oh be still my beating heart.

10 years later and 4 years (plus 3 weeks) ago, i got to marry that boy.

we celebrated with a movie at the $3 theatre, the best italian in chattanooga, and some coffee at rembrandt's.

do you ever get those "i'm so glad i married him" feelings? i've had a lot of those lately. he's my calm and laughter in the middle of crazy life-changing decisions, interviews, traveling, packing, and moving. i'm so glad i married him.

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