June 26, 2011

a summer skirt

guess what.
i actually sewed something.
imagine that.

it was kinda annoying me that my favorite skirt at old navy never goes on sale because, even though it's just $15, i always feel better about buying things on sale. and then i saw this skirt at anthropologie which is really just the same skirt, but longer and thought i might like that better. so first round of this skirt was a long, black version. but i've actually never worn it. i think it holds the mississippi humidity in and who wants that. not me.

so for round two, i used less than 2 yards of cheap jersey from the hancocks sale table. gotta love piles of sale fabric.

first, i doubled my fabric over, laid my favorite old navy skirt on it, and cut it out, leaving a couple inches around it.

i serged up the edges to make a triangular - tube.

for the waist band, i cut out a rectangle twice as high as i actually wanted it to be on my waist (b/c we're going to fold it over in a minute) and wide enough to fit around my waist pretty snug.

i folded it over, hamburger style for all you kindergarten teachers, and serged up the edge to make a tube.

ok, this is kinda hard to explain - we want the serged edges to be covered up, so i took one of the edges and folded it over to meet the other raw edge. make sense? probably not...

now the tube is only half as tall with one smooth side and one side with 2 raw edges

now to put it all together - i definitely messed this up twice. on the 2nd skirt i did. ugh.
with the skirt still inside out, i lined put the tube over the top of the skirt, lining up all the raw edges

serged all around it

and walah! super comfortable summer skirt with a fold over band. gotta love jersey for the summer.

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Some Bryant Happiness! said...

Shut up. I love it. ADORABLE. The same waist band for the t shirt skirt that I just got to copy, but attach the button down t shirt to it. Wallah. another cute skirt. Oh, I have so many crafts on my to do list! Making headbands now!


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