November 21, 2011

24 weeks

it's so fun teaching kindergarten with a growing belly. this week, my favorite comment was from one of my little guys who said, "your belly is really getting humongous. i mean, just look at that thing!" they certainly don't hold back.

since it's getting dark about 4:30 here, i finally broke and headed up to wheaton's gym last week. while messaging my aching back, i glanced in the mirror and realized, i'm sooo not in college anymore. at least there was one old professor in there who was struggling worse than me. but barely.

but really everything is going great and i'm so very thankful. i'm afraid i'm one of those annoying people who loves being pregnant. there's definitely odd stuff going on, but when he flips and moves, it's just totally amazing. i'm so thankful for those little kicks.

less than 4 monthes to go and i'm afraid they're going to fly by just a little too quick. better hit up the movies while we can.

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