November 7, 2011

a little art

the day we found out we were having a boy, i was itching to find something boyish.

enter goodwill: $1 frame with a sweet mountain picture and a $1 pack of eric carle cards that just happen to say 'it's a boy'

side note - i have a slight obsession with eric carle. when i pull one of his books out to read at school, my kids say 'we knoooooow, he's your faaaavorite author/illustrator.' (ok, we're still working on the illustrator part) but just look at his pictures! the colors, the animals, you can almost feel the texture through the paper! there is a reason i teach kindergarten.

a little blue paint and 2 minutes later, we've got a little bit of art for our little guy. i'm sure he's totally going to love it.

easy peasy lemon squeezy - my favorite kind of projects

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