December 12, 2011

a completely free gift for 5 year olds x 20

old scrapbook paper + copied homemade doodle pages

+ a seam down the middle

and you've got cute little tiny notbooks

add in the nasty crayons they've been using since august, popped in the oven for a few minutes

and out comes ginormous multi-colored crayons (cuter if you use a fun mold, but we're going for free here)

put it in a sandwhich baggie with some more old scrapbook paper stapled on top

and you've got 20 completely free little christmas happies that will occupy 5 year olds for approximately 3 minutes.

1 comment:

The Gundy Bunch said...

Jess! This is sooo great! I'm going to do this for the girls for their stockings this year!! You are amazing!!!


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