December 28, 2011

christmas crafts links

i'm not all that creative. i'm muuuch better at just copying people who have way better ideas than me. so here are some of the projects that i totally copied this year:

a gel transfer puzzle on popsicle sticks from {here} for mary brooke. (btw - make sure to use the right copier. i tried to print out the pictures on our printer at home but it didn't work, so i used a copy machine and it was much better)

chalkboard coasters from {here} i totally made myself some too and love them. crazy cheap and super easy (sorry to recipients :)

freaky or fun? i'm still not sure. family puppets based on {this} idea but i printed out pictures of our faces onto fabric using {this} tutorial. i'm still not sure about how these turned out but i do know i love printing straight onto fabric. so easy! put them all in my favorite little drawstring bag from {here}

some tissue pouches for sweet grandmothers using {this}

lots of infinity scarves using {this} tutorial (that i forgot to take a picture of...) these are so easy and quick. i might have made myself quite a few as well...

some great (free) printables from {here} btw- i love these little $5 frames from walmart - plastic frame but real glass and a mat - score in my book, especially when i take the time to spray them with a little oil rubbed bronze paint.

i've had a picture of this chalkboard taped in my calendar since the spring that i tore out of the newspaper. plus i love any gift that "requires" me to buy new power tools. i'm sure my neighbors agree.

and now that i'm looking through all my pinterest boards, i'm remembering all the crafts i meant to do but apparently never got around to. there's always next year, right? (so don't go a-lookin around my boards, em and grace...) but can you even craft with little boys around?? i'm not getting nervous or anything... 10 and a half weeks and counting...

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