January 4, 2012

new year's goals

do you do new year's resolutions?

i used to not. i'm more of a cross-it-off-my-list-as-soon-as-possible, hate-to-fail kind of girl. so new year's resolutions weren't exactly successful type things for me.

but a couple years ago i realized that in december, i don't want to be in the same place that i was the january before. i want to grow and change, even if i'm not completely successful. one of james' favorite phrases is being intentional. it's a growing process for sure.

so last year i typed out my list of goals and taped it in my calendar. was i 100% successful? ummm, no. if back messages were a love language, that would be james'. and ironically enough, i'm horrible at giving them. they really hurt my hands a lot. so he certainly didn't get one a week, but i'm pretty sure he got more than if i hadn't put it on there. i wrote a letter a week until about june. and then we moved. (that's what i'm blaming it on at least) but i did learn to be more intenetional about snail mail, cause who doesn't love to get real mail? there are some things i actually finished and some things i just got a little better at. (1 book a month - does it count if i read 4 at the beach this summer??) either way, the list kept me focused on some goals.

so now i'm off to work on this years'. some of them will be repeats. i'm certainly hoping to lose a little weight this year, specifically 7-8 pounds in the middle of march :) one might be just to survive until we can sleep through the night again. please tell me that can happen again??

Happy New Years!

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Lindsey said...

You are so cute! Yes, I promise, you WILL one day get *some* sleep back :) Not going to say all, but it is sure to improve :) You will soon wonder why you needed so much sleep in the first place, hehe...


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