January 27, 2012

pillow progress

what goes in a big white room with a brown striped rug, an orange swirly rocker, and a green polka-dotted bed skirt?

lots and lots of really bright pillows, of course

a whole daybed of pillows to lounge on
i do love me some patterns

thankful for a snow day + the weekend + mlk day off school to get these done.
sometimes when i'm walking by the room, i just stop to look...
and get really excited
and then get really nervous
all at the same time.
is that normal?

really glad the sewing is done because i'm getting quite large and crawling around on the floor cutting things out is not as easy as it used to be. pinning the bed skirt on last week left me sounding like i'd just run a marathon. not to mention that i kept getting stuck behind the rocker...
it wasn't a pretty sight.

alright, things are going on the walls this weekend!


Abby said...

Ahhh! I love that fabric! And all if the random colors in covingtons room! Adorable!

Lindsey said...

Yes! Be so excited because you will soon be meeting that sweet baby boy :) It's going to be tons of fun! with a *few* sleepless nights :) but that's when you can sit in your adorable rocker you covered and admire those cute pillows :)


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