March 21, 2013

sweet friends and fun times

so i was looking through blogger and realized that i'd started a bunch of posts and never finished them - i can't even blame that on pregnancy brain anymore :) so here's one from november...

have i mentioned how much i love it when people come visit up here?
luurve it.
i'm so thankful to have had lots of great visitors in the last year and a half. so so thankful.
a couple weeks (months) ago, out sweet friends Joy and Jason from chattanooga came up and we had lots of fun doing some sightseeing.

we finally made it to the sears (now willis) tower. the views were great and i looove heights, so stepping out onto the glass was so so fun. joy and jason did a handstand on it because they're just way fun like that.

we also went to my first broadway play - i love lucy - which was so good and finished off the night with the biggest chocolate mousse cake you have ever seen. it was a great weekend. now if we could only erase the 700 miles between us...

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