March 25, 2013

saving memories {perpetual calendar update}

ya'll, last week was one of those weeks
not bad, just looong

covington had a little virus that turned into a strange rash - nothing too bad but we haven't been ANYWHERE except the doctor in a week. the day we went to the doctor, i was all like 'covington! get excited! we'll get dressed to go to the doctor in 90 minutes!!'

of course, it was also the week that james got crazy busy with school midterms and a million reports due at work so we got to see him in 30 minute increments

and then on top of that, i decided to give up diet coke because...well i can't remember because i haven't had any diet coke in 5 days (that's huge)

and did i mention the high on the first day of spring was 26 degrees?

it wasn't a bad week at all and i'm so, so, SO thankful to be able to be here and stay home through all the rashiness, but the truth is the days were starting to run together.
thing are getting just a bit monotonous. 

it's these kinds of weeks that im glad that i do this little perpetual calendar every night

i got the idea from {under the sycamore} and started it a couple years ago. each night i write down a little thing that happened that day. somedays they're big, somedays they're small. the first year, it was totally boring to do because there was nothing to look back on, but now it is so fun to look back on all the nights we ate with joy and jason in chattanooga and the many $3 movies we went to pre-covington and how we were so excited that covington was staying awake a little bit longer last year at this time.

so next year, i'll remember the long week home with the rash (because i'm not trying to erase the longer days), but i'll also remember that covington started giving real hugs this week and that he's walking like a champ and that my parents surprised us with a huge order from Omaha Steaks (yay for meat!!) and that james was matched at wheaton's counseling center for his practicum next year (yay for working super close and getting college holidays!).


besides all that, it's actually good just to keep track of things - when was your interview? when did covington roll over? we've gone to look up things more than once 

so the sick days at home might be long but so much good happened last week that might have just gotten lost in the monotony if i hadn't written it down.

 i've seen some really pretty journals they're making now so you don't have to make anything. so go start one now! it's really fun

and if you get a late night text from me reminiscing about the time we went out to eat 2 years ago, now you know why :)

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