January 28, 2013

11 months

11 months

we got back from spending christmas in ms and i felt like he'd grown a foot while we were gone! he was into everything! he was pulling thing down that he hadn't even noticed 2 weeks before. 

this month he's...
scrunching his nose when he smiles
clicking his tongue
playing by himself in his room (which makes me happy/sad)
pulling up on everything
standing for a few seconds longer every day
getting his sixth tooth
sprinting toward the bathroom if we forget to close the door
eating anything
laughing  (best sound ever)

he is so. much. fun.

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Lindsey said...

How can this be??? He is absolutely precious! I love your little photo shoot chair and chalkboard! I wish I had done something like that with my girls! I always took their picture on their month "birthday" and scrapbooked those all side-by-side, but I could have been a little more creative :)


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