January 25, 2013

He is faithful

God is so faithful

that's the biggest thing that the Lord has taught me in all of the unexpected adventures of the past couple years. He is so faithful and he will always provide.

this past summer - for the third summer in a row - i was looking for a job.

when we moved to chattanooga, i applied and applied and applied for months but didn't hear anything. then i got 2 interviews on the same day in july and ended up getting to teach at a magnet school with the best girls ever.

when we moved up here, we totally accidentally stumbled across harvest christian academy where i got to teach last year. teaching at a school where the  main goal is to share Jesus was amazing.

so this year, we were looking for something closer to wheaton - it took me about an hour to get to hca - and part time, so for the first time, i didn't even know where to start looking.

but God is faithful.

late in august, i found a little homeschool group that needed a part time kindergarten teacher. kindergarten is my very favorite. 6 little girls, covington and lots of crafts. it doesn't get better than that.

covington and i also babysit a couple days for 2 different families (and i've asked God to cancel all my prayers for twins - one day a week with 2 the same age is enough for me :)


 it's so neat to see how God knew so much better than me what we would need - covington loves getting to be around other kids and playing with different toys and we're gone just enough to keep us from getting bored at home. i'm so so thankful for all the time that i get to spend with covington and am soaking up these sweet days that are going way too fast. 

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stpetersfirstgrade said...

I have loved watching your life the past year and a half. God is so good. Keep grasping.( and uploading darling pictures!)


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