February 20, 2011

homemade biscuits

so after spending our whole sunday afternoon watching an old western series on netflix, james decided to bake some good ol' homemade biscuits just like in the show. now i'm pretty much a horrible cook, so i'm way too scared to try things that require kneading, "cutting butter in" and such. james is much more brave.

and can even add some style to it

don't you all do this to your homemade biscuits?

they turned out amazing, of course. i love breakfast for dinner so james added some bacon and eggs - other things i can't cook well.

oh yea. he even did the dishes afterwards.

yea, he's one of the good ones. how lucky am i?

1 comment:

The Gardners said...

YUM! YUM! Can't wait to hear about the camping trip!


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