February 5, 2011


once we were in mcdonalds and the girl leans over the counter towards james and said "would you like a free.." before she even finished james said "YES." i mean really, she could have been offering something really weird or odd, although she was holding one of those huge coffee drinks with whip cream on top...

anyway, my dad called last weekend and said he had an extra room at the opryland hotel because one of the people he works with couldn't make it to the convention last minute and would we like to...

um, YES. we're there.

we stopped by our favorite coffee house for some lunch on the most beautiful day we've seen in a while and then hit the road.

james didn't know what the opryland was, so he wasn't quite sure why i was so excited.
until we got there.
it is beautiful.

eating pizza to the sound of waterfalls in the background? yes, thank you

it's so huge! and this is only one of the several atriums.

we even got to run into the newmans on saturday night!

after all the fun, we had to leave so my dad could get back to work. it's all work and no play for him, you know :)

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