September 7, 2011


now that we're finally settled in and school's off to a good start, it's about time i start working on some projects. i figured there had to be someplace better than hobby lobby for fabric, so i goodled 'fabric in chicagoland'

and this huge store kept popping up. yea, it looks a little sketch, but it had over a hundred good reviews. i was also prepared to dig and sweat because that was in the reviews too...

so on labor day, i drove the 40 minutes into the city and found it.
it was impressive. rooms and rooms of fabric. for cheap. like under $10 a yard. sweeet.

plus notions galore.

tons and tons of buttons

any color zipper you could think of.


and all colored lace

tons of shelves of ribbons

and tassels

plus rows and rows of fabric, plus piles and piles on top of that.

sadly, i didn't find the amazing fabric i was dreaming of to recover some craigslited chairs, but i didn't leave empty handed. and it was a great little exploration.

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Some Bryant Happiness! said...

Oh I am so jealous! FUN FOR YOU!!!!!!


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