September 17, 2011

thoughts on baby


* surprised? so were we.

* famous last words - "there's NO way we could move 1000 miles across the country from everyone we know, start a new job / doctoral program, and have a baby.

* it still doesn't seem quite real yet, but words can't even describe how excited we are

* after having to wait 13 loooong weeks for a doctor's appointment, i was a bit excited. james really appreciated it when i started the count down from 72 hours.

* hearing the heartbeat and watching that little baby flip over and over was amazing. and weird. but mostly amazing.

* i always thought it would be detrimental to give up diet coke when i got pregnant. like forking over my arm - my right arm at that - but thanks to a couple months of nausea, all i want to drink is water and milk (really, milk? i've never wanted to drink cups of milk before) oh well, problem solved.

* i have a whole new compassion for those who are sick while pregnant. so, so thankful it stopped right before my kids started school. so thankful.

and last -

*i found my first gray hair.


Lindsey said...

You are too cute :) So glad you are feeling better! You have probably already figured this one out, but if you start wanting Diet Coke again, Diet Rite is the closest fix. It's made with splenda and caffine free. Not near as good as Diet Coke though :( My! How on earth were you able to wait 13 weeks!!! That would have been so hard! Hope you are doing well!

Some Bryant Happiness! said...

Gray hairs are coming quickly as I raise a 2 year old! Im with ya!!!!!! AND booked my flight so you are def. going to see me this fall whether you want to or not.....YAY!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to come and see that little belly of yours!!!!! (AND make cute things for baby kent as well)

Meagan Bookout said...

Soo sweet and we're in the same boat over 4000 miles away... So we totally understand, but with God we will get through it so thankful for skype and cell phones LOL...

Beth Ellard said...

Congratulations James and Jessica!! That is such exciting news and I am so happy for you guys. Take care of yourself and keep us posted!
Beth Ellard

Anonymous said...

Jessica and James!!! We are so excited for you all. You are going to be such fabulous parents.

So glad you are feeling good and had your first ultrasound. Hearing the heartbeat is an amazing moment. Just wait until he/she starts kicking. So wonderful.

Hate that we missed you all in Chicago. Makes me so sad but that just means we will have to come back for another trip. LOVE Chicago.

I can tell you one thing...this baby is going to have the most adorable nursery because of one crafty momma!

Sending you big hugs. I am sure you have tons of friends with babies but if I can ever help you out with any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to call me. 912-349-2994.




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