September 27, 2011


i think teaching kindergarten with a baby on the way is going to be lots of fun.

one girl already told me they'll probably have to slice me open to get the baby out, complete with a hand motions all the way across my belly. ouch.

girl 1 - "mrs. kent, your belly SURE is getting big"
girl 2 - "i guess it's just that baby in there"
girl 3 - "i sure HOPE it's that baby in there making her so big"

another boy said "your belly is getting so big, you're going to need to get some ETERNITY clothes real soon!"

here's to hoping i don't need clothes as big as eternity by the end of this...


Cassie said...

That makes me miss teaching Kindergarten! Eternity clothes...that's classic! I bet you look amazing!!!

Cassie said...
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