October 26, 2011

20 weeks

whoooa! helllooo baby bump.
it just appeared one day. last sunday to be exact. totally crazy.

20 weeks already?
i feel like we've hit a major milestone
we're half way there...
now this whole thing needs to sloooow dooown!
we've got lots to do in the next 20 weeks -
like learn how to raise a child.
that's not scary, right?

i'm so thankful to be feeling great these days.
i started feeling some little kicks and flips this week! is there anything better than that? it's amazing.
it's sorta, kinda, slightly starting to feel real now with the kicks and the belly. but not really.

we're still totally amazed that this is all happening. excited doesn't even begin to describe it - like shout-it-from-the-rooftops giddy excited. this is such a fun time in life right now and we're trying to soak up every minute.

but it would still be ok with me if the next 20 weeks went by a little bit slower.

1 comment:

Sara Jean Able said...

Jessica! !
I am so so so super stoked for you guys!!!! Y'all will be the Best, Most Incredible parents ever!!!!
Lots of Love! !
Jean Able


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