October 17, 2011


i love living in wheaton.

i love the little parks to walk through

and the hardware store down the street

and the gorgeous wheaton campus

i love the saturday market with flowers and veggies and crafts.

i love the most perfect sized library - not too small but not too big. plus you can check out magazines :)

i love the several ice cream stores downtown

and old buildings

and even the sound of the trains coming through.

i love the rows of little shops and restuarants

and brick roads.

i love the old post office 1 block over

and that there's a church on every corner, because it makes us Bible-belters feel more at home.

i love living close to the train station so we can ride the train into the city.

and i love, love, love fall because it's absolutely amazing.

but most of all, i love that all of this is in walking distance. our apt is a bit dated (to say the very least) but it's worth it to get to walk down to the library or post office or ice cream or the hardware store. because if we're going to live a 1,000 miles from all our favorite people, then we might as well live somewhere interesting and different and fun. and for now, that's worth a dated apartment.


Some Bryant Happiness! said...

And I get to see it in 2 days! YAY for CHicago....cheers to fun places to walk with your cute little belly and even better...cheers to walking with your cute little baby that you are going to have to completely bundle from head to toe! We can help with that!

ashcrosby said...

Oh Jess I loved the mini tour around your town :) it is sooo cute! when i get back i am thinking i might have to come visit yall!


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