October 7, 2011

the best kind of surprises

it was one of those mornings.

i stayed up 2 hours past my bedtime and hit snooze as many times as possible.

got dressed in the dark and put my shirt on inside-out (for the 2nd day in a row)

ran out of time to pack a lunch and had to risk it with cafeteria lunch (scary).

my eyes wouldn't open all the way even after being awake for almost 2 hours.

my maternity pants wouldn't stay up and my non-maternity shirt wouldn't stay down.

and then i remember - 4 minutes before kids arrive - that i left all my copies in the copy room.

so i ran / waddled down to the copy room, while holding my shirt down and pants up, grabbed my copies and noticed a package. and then i took a double look because that handwriting looked so familiar and it made me miss home. and then - oh my goodness -i know that handwriting! i got a package at school!

really, what's more exciting than this? on a wednesday morning?

tons of my favorite bonne bell, footie pajamas to die for, teeny tinsy little socks, and sweet notes that make me smile

have i mentioned i have the best sister-in-laws ever?
they're amazing.

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Jenn said...

you are to cute. I am glad that i found your blog.. i love the way you write :-)


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