July 23, 2010

2nd grade!

I told God I wasn't applying to any 5th grade positions.
No way.
You have obviously made me for little kids, Lord. I LOVE K and 1st, and I'll definitely go up to 3rd, and just for pushing it, I'll apply to 4th. But no 5th.

A couple of weeks and no calls later I decided to apply to the 5th grade jobs, BUT there was no way I was mailing them my info or faxing them my resume.
No way.

Imagine my surprise after months of waiting, I get a call from an inner-city 5th grade school.
inner-city. 5th. grade.
James was excited. I was trying to be.

A couple hours later, I got another call from a magnet school for a 2nd grade position.

Nothing for 3 months and then 2 calls in one day.
The Lord has great timing, doesn't He?
I'll never understand, but I love it.

So we headed up to Chattanooga and 2 interviews, a follow-up interview, and 2 trips later, I found out I got the 2nd grade job!
The school is about 3 miles from our apartment and right across the river.
They have a partnership with 7 different museums in Chattanooga and go about every other week!
And one of the teachers already e-mailed me to say welcome!

Thank you Lord!!

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Laurie Stewart said...

Jessica that's so awesome!!! I'm so excited for your new teaching position! The pictures above look like it is such a cool school-all the artwork is great!


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