July 27, 2010

we made it!

Despite James having to drive in the July heat with the heater in his car on high to prevent his car from over-heating on the way up here, we have officially made it to Chattanooga! We can't move in to our apt for 2 weeks, so we're staying at Emry's house.

We've never actually met Emry and he's in Africa right now, but James talked to him on phone to ask if he had any houses available and he said we could stay with him, soooo here we are! Apparently he really likes to help people in need because his roommates didn't seem too surprised when we showed up on their porch at 10 last night even though they didn't really know we were coming.

So here's where we are:
Click on it to make it bigger, sorry about the oddly angled pics but all 3 houses are next door to each other.

We've had a great day scouting out the town. Apparently Chattanooga has more churches per capita than any other place in America and I'll believe it because there is literally a church every couple hundred yards. You gotta get really creative with some church names when there's that many around.

And in case you were worried, we've found Him... :)

Gotta love some church signs.

Tonight our soon-to-be-acrooss-the-hall-neighbors heard we were in town and came over to ask us to eat.
They took us to Greenlife Grocery which is owned by Whole Foods but has more of a "hometown vibe" (apparently).
It was awesome! They had a hot bar and salad bar, pizza, paninis, sushi, soup, coffee, gelato, and tons more. We sat at a great little place outside where a guy was playing the violin and dogs were howling along with him. We had a great time but I didn't bring the camera so I totally stole these pics off their website :)

James had a great meeting and orientation at Richmont today and we'll head up to my school tomorrow to start setting up my room. Things are going great so far! Can't wait to see what God has planned for us here!


Jillian said...

ahhhh I love this! all of it! So happy for you guys. (LOVE the church sign. soo glad he's in Chattanooga! :))

Lauren said...

This post makes me happy in so many ways. I am
1. glad you found Christ:) 2. really happy you made it safe, 3. excited to have found your blog, 4. tickled that you found a good grocery store, and last but not least I am thrilled that you have a place to stay!!!

Joy said...

Yay Jess...so glad y'all made it safely. Everything looks so awesome. The future apartment is adorable! Good luck getting your room ready...I know it will be fabulous! Keep updating us! =)


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