July 29, 2010

Normal Park

I started working on my room at school this week! Normal Park seems to be a great school - a huge arts emphasis like OG. The halls are filled with bright colors and tons of student-made art.

Here's the 'before pics' of my room - it's still a mess, but i'm loving the high ceilings, bright colors, big windows, and tons of storage!

James says the colors are pretty girly, so we'll have to work on something for the boys :)

The view from my windows - not too bad!

Love the bright colored halls!

Here is some of the art in the halls, most of it made by the kids. Love it!

I'll be back soon with the 'after' pics of my room. So excited about 2nd grade!


(sola)s said...

Jess, so excited to hear things are going great! I'm loving reading your blog. Keep us updated:) Miss you...

(sola)s said...

I don't have a gmail account, so I'm using Andy's:)

Leah said...

Wow so excited for you! The school looks amazing!


joy said...

Love the school and all that art! You are gonna love it, I'm sure! Miss you!!!


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