August 1, 2010


Hattiesburg - enjoy your abundant amount of chinese buffets! Who knew they were a rarity?!

Apparently the people here like the sit-down chinese restaurants because there are a ton of them.
We like the more refined taste of buffets. That right. We're not even ashamed. Give us the buffets.
Well, we've been looking for a good chinese buffet since we got here on Tuesday and after driving around for 30 minutes after church today, we finally found one! It's nothing compared to Peking Garden, but it hit the spot.

Here's the interesting art sketched into the glass next to our table. Interesting, huh?

Not much else has been going on here in Chattanooga lately.
Since we're not in our apt yet and just crashing until next week while trying not to spend a lot of moolah, we've spent a lot of time watching random movies on Netflix. We've actually gotten pretty obsessed with a short-lived tv show about horses that was on abc family about 5 years ago, now on Netflix. Yep, that's how bored we are.

I've been dragging James around with me doing teacher stuff. He especially loved the gigantic teacher store. He thought their posters were quite inspiring :)

We've also been doing a lot of driving around and looking. Pictures never do the mountains justice. but here's the scene from top of one of the ranges. I hope I never get used to it!!

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