August 4, 2010

Our First Visitor

Look who came all the way to Chattanooga to see us!

Ok, so maybe he also preached while he was here on Monday :)
It was so fun to see a familiar face.
While we were waiting to to talk to Tony, look who walked up to say hey to him:

Oh yea - that's Kay Arthur

I said, "James, why is Tony taking him picture with that...oh my gosh, it's her! it's her! it's her!"
I only freaked out a little.

We'll be headed home this weekend to pack up the trailer so we can finally move into our apt on Monday! yay!!


Lauren said...

So glad yall already got to see familiar faces! Love reading your blog!!!

The Gundy Bunch said...

this is SO fun!!! paul used to do boot camp with kay arthur- she is AMAZING! and so is tony!!! :) can't wait to hear more of your journey!


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