August 23, 2010

Raccoon Mountain

This weekend we headed to Raccoon Mountain for our first hike!
When we got there and finally found the trail, it turned out to be an advanced trail instead of beginner and then it immediately started lightning.
Good start.

We made it about 1/2 mile before it started raining - like torrential downpour, thunder echoing off the trees, lightning like crazy raining.

So we hiked/jogged back to the car looking like real official hikers. nice.

We headed back to the mountain on Sunday for bike rides instead.

We drive across this huge dam with this gorgeous view.

I was really nervous about trying to ride the trails, but we had a blast.
James is one of those crazy athletic people who can do anything and likes to do it fast - snow-skiing, wakeboarding, mountain biking, water skiing, whatever.
Lucky for me, he really likes teaching and is super patient.

Here we are all geared out in our sweet helmets, gloves, camelbacks, and cushy shorts - not stylish but totally necessary.

I'm pretty horrible but quickly learned:
biking is better than hiking
biking in the mountains is way more fun than biking on the street
and downhill is way more fun than up.

We had so much fun and I can't wait to get back out there.


Anne said...

Love the pictures!! It looks beautiful! So jealous!

Bluebird Hill said...

Just one of MANY fabulous memories to be made! I think you should have the blog made into a book when you move back home to remember your time in TN:)


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