August 16, 2010


My very first trip to Ikea was during Spring Break when we came to visit James' school and since then I've been dreaming of the day when we would move here and I could take the hour and a half trip to Atl to go again.

I know.
I dream big.

To further show you how dorky I am: Me, Em, and Grace had a garage sale in the spring and I've been saving the proceeds for months just for the ikea trip :)

'Unfortunately' when we were moving, one set of shelves wouldn't fit up the stairs, our desk broke, and we needed more room for clothes, sooo...

we headed to Ikea on Friday afternoon!!

Here's some things I was seriously loving -

Check this guy out - we first spotted him lounging in the chair sections and then here in the closets, completely out of it. He didn't even budge at the flash. hilarious. He might have been ready to go.

We ended up getting 3 small shelves that go together, one bigger shelf for clothes, a desk for James, and a couple knick-knacks.
Here's James obviously pumped at the hours of putting furniture together ahead of him this weekend.

I'm not gonna lie - I was seriously impressed with how fast he put it all together. Everything was done by noon on Sat. He's a good one.

And for supper on the way home:

Ikea's famous cinnamon rolls. pretty amazing.

The clothes shelves still need some organizing and the desk is covered in stuff so I'll show them later, but I'm loving our shelves in the living room!

Please ignore the boxes and the elbow in the corner. I'm proud to say that we almost have all the boxes unpacked!! Ready to start having some fun decorating!

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Bluebird Hill said...

soooo jealous! I seriously think mb needs that map in her playroom one day!
we miss ya'll!


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