August 3, 2010

saying goodbye

Saying goodbye is never fun - it's actually pretty terrible - but when it involves a hillbilly party, balloons, pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey, a cowboy pinata, and food from the best cooks ever - Shelley and Candice - it' definitely best case scenario!

We have the best friends ever. Seriously. Ever.
Candice spent so much time and energy to give us the best party ever. We're seriously blessed.
And who doesn't love a theme?! um, so much fun!

Here's James in his awesome cowboy get-up - I love it!

And then he decided it was too hot so he went with the hillbilly/redneck...

Fun girls. love them

nice shot

Here's my sweet family. Troy looked amazing. You should totally bribe Emily into letting you see pics of him :)

Sweet girls - I'm definitely missing them!

Lee and Joy - love love them

Mel was out of town and couldn't be at the party, but she made us this amazing scrapbook! It is so sweet that I even cried and I definitely don't like crying!! She got lots of our sweet friends to write notes to us and put lots of great pictures from the past several years in it.

It means so much to James and me - we definitely cherish it.
Love you, Mel!!

Surprise birthday cake for me! I love birthdays!

The amazing hostess herself :)

Awesome decorations! Candice went all out. I love it

Grace is so talented - she can make insulation board look like this. Amazing!

We are so blessed with Godly friends who also spent time this night praying for us, this crazy adventure, and especially my lack of a job. It was so humbling to listen to their amazing prayers for us. And guess what happened 3 days later? I got a job. Definitely a God-thing. Don't you love seeing His awesome work?!

The Sunday before we left, we had some sweet times with family.

How blessed are we? Seriously. We can't wait for many, many visits from this crew!!

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