September 14, 2010

love languages

One of my love languages is gifts.

As much as I really, really love cleaning out, these are the things that I can't get rid of. It's why I still have a pair of Hello Kitty sunglasses in my classroom and a Hello Kitty cd case in my car from my mom, a sequined MSU drink coozie from James in college, a friendship ring from Ireland that Jills gave me in the 8th grade, the last few J post it notes Em gave me forever ago, some dried out flowers from Gracie on the first day of school, a beautiful, long scarf that Mrs. Anne spent months knitting for me, the list could go on and on.

It doesn't matter a bit what it is.
I think about these special people that I love and who love me every time I see these things.

And it's why I've been waiting for this package for the last several days:

Thanks Dad!! I love you!


Jillian said...

This makes me want to cry!!!! I love you!!!

Eddie said...

I did cry!



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