September 19, 2010


Look who came to see us this week!!

My dad was working in Nashville - well actually he was working in Missouri, Kentucky, Alabama, all over TN, and MS - and made a detour to Chattanooga to see us! I was in a meeting at school and the secretary said there was a 'surprise' waiting in my room. It was the best surprise ever!! My kids did get him mixed up with a knight that was coming to show us his sword fighting on Friday, but he made their week when he started telling them how much trouble I got in at school when I was little :)

Uncle Bill was fishing in West Virginia and made a detour to come see us on Sunday. Since Aunt Brownie and Uncle Bill live in Tallahassee, we don't get to see them often. It made the world to us that he would drive out of his way to see us! He's a bike riding expert, so we got lots of good tips to avoid more wrecks.

I can't tell you how awesome it is to see family! It's so comforting. And it reminds us just how blessed we are with an amazing family.

Plus, it doesn't hurt that we got to eat 2 of the best meals we've had since we've been up here :)

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